Ford engine code decode and ID

Ford engine blocks casting decode

Ford and Mustang carburetors

Cooling and fans

Ford Crankshafts

Ford Distributors casting decoder

Ford exhaust manifolds identifier

Ford fuel pumps ID

Ford engine head castings ID

Vintage Ford and Mustang intake manifolds

Ford engines pistons and rods

Ford pulleys

Ford Vintage smog setups

Ford valve covers


Ford Bell housings casting ID

Ford third member differentials identification

Ford driveshafts

Ford transmissions



Vintage Ford library and publications

Ford casting and date Decoder ID

Side by side Ford parts



Mustangtek Differential and  Transmission Ratio Calculator


Ford Distributor Cap


Distributor Cap

8 cyl

Ford Alternators


42amp Alternator


Ford Regulators


Voltage Regulator


Ford Starter Relay


Starter Solenoid

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Ford Service Part Number ID B6AZ-14950-A

Autolite SW-3

Misc Ford articles with Electrical and Electronic inclinations

Ford StudioSonic sound system

Ford owners can enjoy 'concert hall listening" right in their cars with studiosonic. This system reproduces music with full tonal quality. Did it work, who knows.

Alternator circuit and charging explained

Alternator charging system and principals of operation

Alternator charging system

Alternator and regulator principals of operation. Also Alternator identification methods and basic regulator id.

Servicing 65 Thunderbird sequential tail light flashers

1965 Tbird sequential tail lights article from Ford Shop tips

Ford Ignition system explained

Primary and Secondary ignition system with points explained

Service Procedure for intrument cluster servicing

Diagram is easy to understand Ford gauges function operation. Sourced from Ford Shop Tips

Ford Starter systems

Ford uses 2 types of startig systems. One with fender mount relay and another with started mounted selenoid. Article from Ford Shop tips and both Ford starting systems explained.

Ford Starter motors

Both Ford starters motors are shown in breakdown

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