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FORD and Mustang Smog System

Smog pump


Black fan

428 Smog pump with white fan

Mustang428 CJ SCJ

69-70 Mustang 428CJ


white fan

BOSS 302 Smog pump with white fan

Boss 302

69-70 BOSS 302 Mustang


white fan

Smog Setup


67 289 Small Block


Pulley C7ZE-9B447-A

Pump housing 5696856

Pump filter to pump - hose C6OE-9B458-F

Bypass Canister C6OE-C - L3554

Bypass Canister bracket C6OE-D

Pump/Alt bracket C7OE-9B450-A

Pump adjuster bracket C6OE-9B452-A

Bypass to ? - hose C7ZE-9B466-A

Tee to check valve - hose C7ZE-9H534-A

Tee to check valve - hose C6OE-9H548-F

Smog Setup


68 302 Small Block and J code



Smog Setup

Boss 429

BOSS 429 smog setup


428 smog tube

Mustang428 CJ SCJ

69-70 Mustang 428


Driver side

FE smog tube



driver is non/428CJ

passenger also used on 428CJ

Smog bracket

No PN found


70+ 429 Mustang Torino

Smog pump mount bracket





Smog Ferrule


? Smog canister


428 CJ SCJ

68-70 428 CJ Smog canister bracket


428 CJ SCJ

68-70 428 CJ Smog canister


Boss 302

70 Boss 302

Smog canister bracket

Misc smog system articles

1966 Thermactor exhaust system

Article from Ford Shop Tips dated nov 65 explaining 1966 Thermactor smog system



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