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Decoding Links

66 Mustang Options Have you ever wondered about options available for the 66 Mustang. Great casting and ford part number decoder .
Toploader ID Ultimate Toploader ID site. Excellent ID page and lots of information on the 3 speed, 4 speed and other Ford manual transmissions.
Ford Tri Power tech Great site for Tri power setup on every type of Ford engine. Lots of details and pictures in the Tech page.
FORDification Engine tag decoding and much more.
TheCoralSnake The Coral Snake is an excellent site with detailed information on the 1968 Shelby and great pictures too.
Registry Links
Early-Mustang  Registry

Huge database with thousands of early Mustangs already in the registry. Also great wealth of information can be found and excellent knowledge base with lots of pictures for anything related to the early Mustangs.

428 Cobra Jet Registry Excellent Site for anything you could possibly want to know about the 428 Cobra Jet. Lots of great detailed information in the ID page. This site is the ultimate Cobra Jet resource guide.
BOSS 302  Registry

Excellent Site for anything about the BOSS 302. Check out the Tech page.

Ultimate BOSS 302 resource guide.

BOSS 351  Registry

Excellent Site for BOSS 351 reference and guide. Ultimate BOSS 351resource guide.

SAAC Shelby Registry


SAAC registry is the absolute site for Shelby's Cobra's and related. Great wealth of information about the cars can also be found on the forum.

Check out SAAC33 pictures and videos.

Marti Auto Works The single unsurpassed source for vehicle VIN identification and home of the Marti Report, production stats and more. Great info! Marti also provider of correct reproduction parts.
Forum Links
Vintage Mustang Forum Join the Mustang Vintage forum and find just about everything.
Shelby Forum

Excellent resource for shelby's and cobra's

Torino Cobra Forum

Talladega, Torino, Cyclone and Cobra forum

Ford Muscle Forum

Lots of performance discussions but everything Ford is represented on the forum. Check out their great Tech Article pages

Cougar Forum

The cat is alive an well on Mercury Cougar forum. All pro's and they really know their stuff.

FE Forum

Got an FE engine, park it right here. Lots of accurate info discussed for all FE's

Classic Mustang Forum Classic Mustangs being discussed here. The name says it all. Good tips and info's to be found here.
HiPo Mustang eKschange

Ford's Hipo 289 K code registry and forum

Mustang Passion


Forum de discussion et une très bonne ressource pour les Mustang Vintage.

En Francais

67 Mustang forum


Forum pour les propriétaires et amateurs de ford Mustang 1967

En Francais

Other Links
Classic Pony News

Great collection of vintage Mustang Shelby pictures and stories.

Mustang Tech Links This little (getting bigger) non-commercial tech link site is made to make life easier. A centralized link bank for everything Mustang. Great for the hobby.
Tom Schmidt's links Hundreds of links to just about everything Ford and Mustang.
Cars in Barns Great site of Cars in Barns and fields across America. Check out the Ford section. Lots of fun.
Business Links from contributors to this site

The Mustang Shop


Specializing in parts, performance and restoration for Mustangs (and Fords!) of all ages. Great website too, worth taking a look. Located in Auburn, WA .

Auto Design


Mustang restoration and modifications