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Dan Case comparing Cobra designs

2 different Cobra designs where available


Cobra part

427 Cobra part


Comparing 3 rib vs. 5 rib original Autolite spark plugs

Autolite BTF1 3 rib vs. 5 rib.....BF32 and BF42 similar. BF32 3 rib plugs used well into 1964 on production cars. The Ford TSB indicated that production was used to exhaust the supply of three rib plugs after the five rib ones came out, i.e. at the service counter would have been five rib while cars on the show room floor had three rib

3 Rib
5 rib

Early Autolite plugs

Autolite service replacement & later 64+ production plugs
Cobra valve covers

The 1963-64 manufacture COBRA POWERED BY FORD valve covers and PCV grommets for Cobras were different than 1965-66 GT350 parts?  Did you know that early covers all seem to start from "a" casting and then got machined to make either PCV or Oil Fill sides while around mid-Jan. '65 a redesign showed up with covers cast as one or the other with less machining required for both? Can you say cheaper to make? 1963-64 seem to be hand made a few at a time while later ones appear mass produced. Oil fill tubes went through several changes in material and manufacturing. Did you know that there was not "a" master pattern for later covers but a large family of them and that they were all just a little different befitting their hand carved nature (masters were made of carved wood)? Got a Cobra finished in 1963 and it is using 1966 made covers........

Grease pencil markings on NOS carbs

Ever seen the inspector's grease pencil marks on original unmolested 1964 Autolite carb's? They have marks all over them. This is a NOS 1964 Fairlane 2V.