289 HIPOBoss 302

Ok65-68 2v 3_4sp b4_2/15/68

Ok67-68 Falcon 2v 3_4sp b4_2/15/68

Ok65 289 Hipo Fairlane 4v 4sp

Ok65 289 Fairlane 4v-PF 3_4sp

Ok68 289 Fairlane Falcon 2v MT b4_2/15/68

Ok68 302 Ford_PC MT

Ok68+ 302 Fairlane Mustang Falcon w/MT

Ok69-70 Boss 302 Mustang

w/ 164 tooth flywheel

Lever C8OA-7515-A

b4_2/15/68 use lever C8AA-7515-B

Ford Service Part Number ID C5AZ-6392-D

Pics courtesy of



Céderic P.

below is another version of the same casting #