Detail pictures and casting information for vintage 60's early 70's Ford, Mustang, Boss, HIPO, Cobra Jet and Shelby. Covering mustang exhaust manifold, intake manifold, carburetor, distributor, holley,  engine, fan, crankshaft, cam, autolite, air cleaner and more


Ford engine blocks casting decode

Ford and Mustang carburetors

Ford Holley carb

Ford Holley 4160 carburetors

Cooling and fans

Ford Crankshafts

Ford Distributors casting decoder

Ford exhaust manifolds identifier

Ford engine head castings ID

Vintage Ford and Mustang intake manifolds

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Ford pulleys

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Ford Bell housings casting ID

Ford transmissions


Vintage Ford library and publications

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Ford picture parts library and casting decoding.

This website collects pictures of 60's to early 70's Ford, Mustang and Shelby performance and/or parts of interest. One can often find information on the web or in forums but detailed images of the parts are rare.

Find and decode casting numbers.  Browse through this Ford picture parts library.

Autolite carburetorFord bracketsFord Mustang Cougar Shelby intake manifoldsFord engine partsMustang shelby accessories

We hope to help you visually see and identify those mysterious Ford parts.


  RPM and MPH Transmission Gear Ratio Calculator

Find out your RPM at cruising speed with or how much RPM the engine turns at any given speed. Try it out

Mustangtek transmission ratio and shift point calculator


Check out the Library section for some great vintage Ford publications.

Over 10,000 pages are now available online and lots of new material added regularly.

Original 1965 Ford Mustang competition guide. Includes Mustang and Shelby mods   Ford Vintage Publication Muscle Car parts. Includes Ford engines cammer SOHC and many Mustang and Shelby parts ID   BOSS 302 Chassis modification and tuning. Tunnel, Cross Boss, Rev limiter   Ford Racing parts and muscle cars performance sheed shop   1968 1969 Talladega 428CJ Daytona Torino Cobra Jet   289 HiPo 302 Boss 351 Cleveland 352 4v 390 GT 406 Tri Power 6v 427 8v tunnel port SOHC  428 Super Cobra Jet CJ SCJ BOSS 429 CJ performance engines and parts    Fairlane Thunderbolt Galaxie Fastback Mustang Comet Falcon Cougar Mercury Maurauder XR7 GTA Cyclone Torino Cobra grill parts identification  and more...






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Ford and Mustang Carburetors Carbs distributors Holley castings and date code identification decode. Motorcraft FoMoCo Autolite

C5ZF-C D0ZF-C D0ZF-A D0ZF-B D0ZF-A C4ZF C4OL-AL C4GF-AE C4ZF-C C5ZF-D C5ZF-E C5ZF-F C6SF-A C6ZF-A C6ZF-B C6ZF-C C6ZF-D C6ZF-D C6ZF-E C6ZF-F C8AF-AE S2MS-A C7OF-A C7OF-B C8OF-C C8OF-D S8MS-A C8AF-AD 4118 C8ZX-A C8OF-AA C8OF-AB S8MS-C C9AF-M C9AF-N C9AF-S C9ZF-J C9AF-U D0OF-N D0OF-R D0OF-S D0ZF-Z  B9AZ-A C3AE-C C3AE-BJ C3AE-BK D0PF-U toploader ID casting decode identification. Ford and Mustang bellhousings flywheels. 427 Tunel Port, 427 Cammer SOHC, Mustang Boss 429 BOSS 351 and BOSS 302 parts ID decode and date code decoding

Shelby Ford Mustang 289 302 351 390 406 427 428 429, K code hipo, cobra jet, Boss, Intake manifold, Exhaust manifolds valve covers gaskets, classic race vintage images pictures. Cobra Jet Boss Shelby SAAC Registry links. Engine block cam pistons rods ID. Engine Smog pumps pulley brackets. Drivetrain Toploader brackets clutch fork flywheel belhousing information

D2ZF D2OE D2AE D1ZF D1OE D1AE D0ZF D0OE D0AE C9ZF C9OE C9AE C8ZF C8OE C8AE C7ZF C7OE C7AE C6ZF C6OE C6AE C5ZF C5OE C5AE C4OE C4AE C3AE-9425-J C3AE-9425-K C4OE-9425-B C5OE-9425-A C6AE-9425-A C6AE-9425-G C6AE-9425-H C6AE-9425-K C6OE-9425-B C6ZZ-6B068-A C7AE-9425-E C7ZX-9425-A C8AE-9425-A C8AE-9425-F C8OE-9425-C C8ZE-9425-A C9ZE-9425-E D0AE-9425-L D0OA-9425-C D0OE-9425-D D1AE-9425-BA D1ZX-9425-DA S2MS-9424-A SFJK-9425-C SFJK-9425-F  autolite