Ok65-68 289 Ford (AC TE&52_or_53amp)

Ok65 289 Fairlane (PS&53_or_55amp)t

Ok65 289 Ford  (53, 55amp)

Ok65-68 289 Falcon (2v 4v)-AC

Ok66-68 289 Fairlane(AC)

Ok66-68 289 Mustang (2v, TE, AC, PS)

Ok66-67 289 Mustang (4v,-PF, C4, TE, AC)

Ok66-67 289 Mustang (4v,-PF, 3sp_4sp, TE, PS, AC, XC)

Ok66-68 289 Mustang (2v C4, 3sp, AC, exc/TE)

Ok66-67 289 Mustang (4v-PF, C4, AC, PS, exc/TE)

Ok67-68 289 Ford, Fairlane, Falcon (2v_4v-PF, XC, PS, 53·55·58amp, exc/TE

Ok68 302 Ford, Fairlane, Mustang, Falcon

3 grooves

Dia outer 7 19/64"

Dia inner 6 5/8"

Overall depth to bolt flange 3.79"

Uses one 1/2" belt & two 3/8" belts

Ford Service Part Number ID C5AZ-6312-D Replaced by

C8OZ-6A312-B (to 74)

Pics courtesy of

Robert J.