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Casting Number

Application Information

Unconfirmed Application. Information may or may not be complete or accurate 390 HP Supercharger, Ford Aftermarket

Special Race Application

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Ford Service Part Number C9ZZ-XXXX-Z

Casting Number

This is the casting number usually found on the part. Casting numbers may be abbreviated on the actual part and because of this we may also abbreviate the casting numbers on this website. In short, what you see on the part is what you should find in this column.

Special identifiers or special performance application information may also be shows.

A little word of caution.

Casting numbers are not the same as Ford part numbers (usually found in the Ford Master Parts Catalog).

Application Information

What is known about the application. May contain several rows of application data.

When reading this column keep in mind some application information may be incomplete, in error or missing altogether.

Application accuracy is rated as either Confirmed ( Confirmed Application. Information has beeen double checked with at least a second source ), Unconfirmed ( Unconfirmed Application. Information may or may not be complete or accurate ), Unknown ( Unknown or incomplete Application. At best, the information listed is an educated guess ) or unrated (nothing).


Information about a part not usually provided in manuals. In some cases information is compiled from several sources to build this column. Sometimes things are also known about a part but not published in books. We use this column as a means of consolidating the knowledge. Its a learning game and we hope to build a knowledgebase for every part.

In some cases, The Ford part number may also be shown Ford Service Part Number .


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Confirmed Application. Information has beeen double checked with at least a second source

Confirmed Application.

The application information provided has been double checked with at least a second source and confirmed as being  

100% accurate. Additional applications or application information may still be added as this new information is confirmed.

Unconfirmed Application. Information may or may not be complete or accurate

Unconfirmed Application.

Information may or may not be complete or accurate. The information provided cannot be validated or the information has not been validated from actual publications.Take it for what its worth.

Unknown or incomplete Application. At best, the information listed is an educated guess

Unknown or incomplete Application.

No information on the part has been found. At best, the information listed is one persons hearsay or an educated guess.

Application Discrepancy between 2 or more reliable sources.

Many many errors are found in publications and websites. Most cases the Ford Master Parts Catalog (FMPC) usually prevails. But in some cases the FMPC happens to seriously contradicts a reliable source or well known fact. This icon is meant to warn the reader of such discrepancies and is only used when FMPC or a well know fact cannot be trusted.






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Ford and Mustang Carburetors Carbs distributors Holley castings and date code identification decode. Motorcraft FoMoCo Autolite

C5ZF-C D0ZF-C D0ZF-A D0ZF-B D0ZF-A C4ZF C4OL-AL C4GF-AE C4ZF-C C5ZF-D C5ZF-E C5ZF-F C6SF-A C6ZF-A C6ZF-B C6ZF-C C6ZF-D C6ZF-D C6ZF-E C6ZF-F C8AF-AE S2MS-A C7OF-A C7OF-B C8OF-C C8OF-D S8MS-A C8AF-AD 4118 C8ZX-A C8OF-AA C8OF-AB S8MS-C C9AF-M C9AF-N C9AF-S C9ZF-J C9AF-U D0OF-N D0OF-R D0OF-S D0ZF-Z  B9AZ-A C3AE-C C3AE-BJ C3AE-BK D0PF-U toploader ID casting decode identification. Ford and Mustang bellhousings flywheels. 427 Tunel Port, 427 Cammer SOHC, Mustang Boss 429 BOSS 351 and BOSS 302 parts ID decode and date code decoding

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D2ZF D2OE D2AE D1ZF D1OE D1AE D0ZF D0OE D0AE C9ZF C9OE C9AE C8ZF C8OE C8AE C7ZF C7OE C7AE C6ZF C6OE C6AE C5ZF C5OE C5AE C4OE C4AE C3AE-9425-J C3AE-9425-K C4OE-9425-B C5OE-9425-A C6AE-9425-A C6AE-9425-G C6AE-9425-H C6AE-9425-K C6OE-9425-B C6ZZ-6B068-A C7AE-9425-E C7ZX-9425-A C8AE-9425-A C8AE-9425-F C8OE-9425-C C8ZE-9425-A C9ZE-9425-E D0AE-9425-L D0OA-9425-C D0OE-9425-D D1AE-9425-BA D1ZX-9425-DA S2MS-9424-A SFJK-9425-C SFJK-9425-F  autolite