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Magazines Featuring Fords

64 Ford Performance Handbook

An early guide to Ford performance. Published by Hot Rod magazine

    96 pages

C&D 1967 Yearbook

Lots of test drives, Corvette, 427 AC Cobra, Camaro, 7 litre Ford, Shelby GT500, Ferrari, Tiger, GTX and many more

    53 pages

Hot Rod magazine 1967

List all american 1967 engines. Also some hot tips how to make your Ford go faster

    96 pages

Magazine quotes

Car Craft Magazine  

Vintage quotes and articles
CC_66-06     24p
CC_67-12     20p
CC_69-08     29p

Comet Cyclone

66 396 Chevelle

Sox & Martin RR

Blueprinting GTO

351 Cyclone

Project Mustang

Viva AMX


Car Life Magazine 

Vintage quotes and articles
CL_61-02    25p
CL_62-06    35p
CL_62-12     38p
CL_63-01     33p
CL_63-02     39p
CL_63-05     27p


Pontiac Tempest

Ford Galaxie


Chevy II Corvette

More Detroit HP

63 Corvette

Mustang prototype

Falcon Futura

New Big engines

Hot for 63

a new Bird

Fastback Fords

63 Sport Fury


Chrysler 300J

Olds Starfire

Monza GT

CL_63-06     30p
CL_63-07     46p
CL_63-09     27p
CL_63-10     43p
CL_63-11     54p
CL_63-12     29p


Mercury goes racing

Galaxie 500XL

Ford Turbine

Comet S-22

Marvelous Marmons

Monza SS

Ford total perf

Dodge Motor home

New T-bird

New for 64

Vintage racing

The exciting 64's

More Horsepower

Olds Cutlass

S/S Horsepower soar

Cougar II

CL_64-01     35p
CL_64-02     41p
CL_64-03    45p
CL_64-04     45p
CL_64-05     56p
CL_64-06     35p


Ford Custom 500

Buick Special

Spectacle of speed

410hp Ford Nascar

32 V12 Cadillac


427 Fairlane Hiperf

Mustang prototype

64 Ford 500

Comets over Africa



Return of the Hemi

Car goodies

Tempest GTO

Mercury Park Lane

Falcon Sprint

CL_64-09     37p
CL_64-10     45p
CL_64-11     31p
CL_64-12     31p
CL_65-01     40p
CL_65-02     40p

289 271 hipo

Ford Museum

Comet AF/X

Striking 65s

65 Ford Motor cpy.

7000 rpm day long


Meyers Dune buggy

65 Thunderbird

Low profiles

Glaxie 500

Catalina 2+2

65 Mercury

Mustang stylist's

Mustang wins tour

Dodge Coronet


427 Ford Galaxie

CL_65-03     40p
CL_65-04    44p
CL_65-05     37p
CL_65-06     39p
CL_65-07     42p
CL_66-01     21p

SOHC Mustang

396 Chevy

Fairlane 500

First look 65 GT350

Buick Skylark GS

Ford 427 SOHC


Olds 442

Tempest GTO

Parnelli Jones

65 Shelby GT-350

1965 1/2 at Ford

GT 40

New wave at Ford

Chevy 396 Caprice

Ford yet to be !

66 Charger

Galaxie 7-litre

CL_66-04    33p
CL_69-09     32p
CL_66-10     44p
CL_67-01    47p
CL_67-04     29p
CL_67-07     31p

Comet Cyclone GT

Ford & GM sixes

66 Ford Bronco

Detroit V8s

Ford wins LeMans

Sedan racing

New 67 Camaro

67 Cougar & Fords

66 BMW 2000

390 Mustang GT

Swap Meets

Buick GS400

Super Stock Street

427 Camaro

AMC Marlin

Pikes peak

The Unsers

Cougar GT

CL_67-12     34p
CL_68-01    28p
CL_68-04     42p
CL_68-07     40p
CL_68-09     34p
CL_68-10    62p

Ford Allegro II


Detomaso Mangusta

Ford XL 428

1968 specs

Slant rear windows

Dodge Scat Pack

68 Firebird


428 steet Cyclone

427 & 302 Cougars

Shelby in Europe

10 best 68's

Savage GT

Inside Watkins Glen

Shelby GT-500KR

1969 cars

The Techna

CL_68-11     56p
CL_69-01     45p
CL_69-08     41p
CL_69-11     40p
CL_70-03     46p
CL_70-04     39p

Cuda 340

Trans Am handling

Altered VW

Javelins, AMX

69 Ford Perf Digest

69 Fairlane Cobra

Bullit Mustang

Camaro Z/28

Trans Am begins

MT Mach-1

Cobra for the 390

Trans-Am racing

Champ Corvette

Duster 340

Olds W-30 4-4-2

GT wagons ?


Racing Hornets

CL_70-06     32p
CL_70-08     33p
CL_70-09     42p
CL_70-10     40p

Hi compression end

Showroom Slalom

Firebird 400

Project slalom

Chysler 300H

1970 SCCA

71 ford model tear

Ontario Rises

Backyard Boss

Swede was co-pilot

71 model year

TransAm racing


Hot Rod magazine  

Vintage quotes and articles

HR_52-03      42p

HR_52-07      39p

HR_52-09     38p
HR_52-10      41p
HR_54-02     35p
HR_54-03      31p

Timing in Missouri

Butane for cars

PRC run


Showtime in NY

Hot Rod of month

Studabaker V8


52 Bonneville

Kaiser 88

Last Ford alu block

New Ford engines

Fantastic coupe

Horse of Iron

Hot Rod climb

Ford in your future

Coupes in comp

HR_54-09      34p

HR_54-11      36p

HR_55-03     14p
HR_56-08      16p
HR_56-10      20p
HR_57-07      28p

Drag Safari

54 Ford V8

Bonneville bombs

Storm on the Salt

Seaboard Safari

Pontiac V8's

Pickups on parade

Power Steering

Roadsters return

Corvette Road test

The big Mercury

Big M's

fin tail 57 Merc

Tudors on the track

HR_57-10      41p

HR_58-04      25p
HR_58-05     35p
HR_58-06     26p

HR_58-07      27p

HR_58-08      47p

58 Edsel

Hot Rod

Racing the stocks

World Record Rods

58 Ford

Packard hawk

Car Show west

Morgab Special

58 Tbird

Four Banger

58 Olds


Rochester 4V

Sea Dragsters

58 Ford engine

Mecanica National

HR_58-09      39p

HR_58-10      38p

HR_58-11     41p

HR_59-01      39p

HR_59-03      35p

HR_59-06     46p

Timberline racing

Draging nation

58 Ford Full House

Supercharging !

Merc in persuit


59 Sport Fury

Big GO for 58


Rods on the road


Draging safety

Buick builds better

300-D Merc

Dragging around

59 Olds

FI forward step


HR_59-07      39p

HR_59-08     38p

HR_60-05      37p

HR_61-04      22p

HR_61-11     42p
HR_62-01     36p

59 Thunderbird

Detroit Nationals


HR Roadster run


60 Pontiac

Falcon 6 mods

Aussie's first drag

409 Chevy


Ford 221

61 Nationals

62 Dart 440

Big Vette

Hulls in a hurry

HR_62-02      35p

HR_62-03     34p

HR_62-11       51p

HR_62-12      40p

HR_63-02     34p
HR_63-03      23p

Chrysler 300

Ol' Yeller MK3

Rapid Rubber

Brits get a rail

Just records

Drag Racing GP

Action for 63


62 260 AC Cobra

Bonneville salt flats

Plymouth SS 426

V8 Tempest

1963 1/2 Ford's

Perf Pontiac's

Stock Car Secrets

HR_63-04      40p
HR_63-06      34p
HR_63-08     31p
HR_63-10     29p
HR_64-03     31p
HR_64-05     42p

Riverside Zig-Zag

Stroppe stock Merc's

Ford performance

Avanti SC

Ford Indy

Asymmetrical Falcon

V8 Healey

Ford's 427

Spirit of America

80hp Cobra add on

Indy Ford

Turbine dragster


Comets on Safari

Daytona surprise

64 Mustang

HR_64-08     19p
HR_65-01     40p
HR_65-07     19p
HR_65-08     38p
HR_65-09     40p
HR_66-01     34p
HR championship

427 SOHC Hemi

The Jet Age

260 Tiger

427 SOHC

65 GTO

Ford New Indy era

65 Shelby GT-350


Tempest OHC 6


Pikes Peak


Tune up

Men&speed Machines

HR_66-03     33p
HR_66-04     43p
HR_66-06     33p
HR_66-08     37p
HR_66-09     26p
HR_66-10     34p

66 Fairlane GT

Hemi Belvedere

Merc Comet SOHC


Down by Riverside

Showbiz Real Rods


Bristol Bash

Hemi white paprer

427 Match-tang

Spray Makers

Future Ford

Swinging 67's

Blown (s)Tang

Pony Power

HR_66-12     34p
HR_67-07     29p
HR_67-11     26p
HR_68-01     25p
HR_68-03     22p
HR_68-05     35p

67 Barracuda 383

Phil Remington


Great ads

Gas Ronda

Tasca KR

68 Road Runner

Hot Rod 20 years

68 Buick GS 400

428 Cobra Jet

Future Fords

Pontiac engines

Chevy Pop compact

68 1/2 Chevy's


HR_68-06     38p
HR_68-07     48p
HR_68-12     39p
HR_69-01     28p
HR_69-02     33p
HR_69-07     24p

Ford Exotic V8's

396 El Camino

Rochester Qjet

390 Ranchero

Ford's 289/302

Flying Vette

Ford 4100 carb

Dr. Oldsmobile

Barracuda 340

Camaro Z28

Performance Digest

Cougar Eliminator

Mighty Boss 429

Showroom Racer

C6 Help

13 sec Nova

Olds engines

Gurney Eagle heads

HR_69-09     16p
HR_70-02     46p
HR_70-08     12p
HR_70-10    36p
HR_70-12     33p
HR_71-01     7p

1970 Muscle cars


Sox's and Martin

Muscle Maverick

AMC Rebel

351C muscle parts

71 perf Machines

Pontiac 427 Hemi

Dodge scap pack

Giant HP

Hornet SC/360

Auto directory

71 Cuda 340

Multi Maverick

HR_71-06     23p
HR_71-08     27p
HR_71-09     22p
HR_72-06     24p
HR_72-09     14p
HR_73-03     42p

71 GTO

Boss 302 induction

DOHC SB chevy

RPM for 351C


72 Performers

2 turbo Boss 429

Project Maverick

Sleeper 6

Nascar drivers

Vintage Rodders

Street 340

2 barrel fun

How to's

Hemi heads

HR_73-04     13p
HR_74-10    17p

Great ads

75 Mini muscle

351 first aid

Application legend

     Shelby  Mustang  289 HIPO  428 CJ SCJ  Boss 429  Boss 302  427