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MISC Ford Test Drives and interesting articles from magazines

289 HiPo   

Vintage quotes, articles and test drives
CL_63-11     2p
CL_64-09     4p
MT_64-08     5p
MT_65-01     5p

289 Hipo Engine checked out by CarLife in Nov 63

289 Hipo Mustang test drive by CarLife in sept 64

289 Hipo Mustang test drive by Motor Trend in august 64

289 Hipo Mustang 2+2 fastbacj test drive by Motor Trend in jan 64

Some very cool 289 Hipo stuff

The BOSS is back    

Vintage quotes, articles and test drives
CD_70-01     4p
CL_70-09     4p
MT_93-07     3p
HR_69-02     3p

Car & Driver rides along then takes a 70 Boss 302 on the track at Watkins Glen in 1970

Car Life in sept 1970 issue shows off the Boss 302

Motor Trend 1993 Boss 302 retrospect

Feb 1969 Hot Rod article road tests the Mighty Boss 429.


Ford 427's    

Vintage quotes, articles and test drives
CL_63-01     3p
CL_64-03     4p
MT_64-02     6p
CL_65-02     5p

Car Life gets its hands on a Ford 427 engine

Car Life takes a look at a fantastic Fairlane 427

Motor Trend zips around the block in a 64 Galaxie 500XL with a 427 dual quad engine

Car Life  Feb 65 road tests a 65 Galaxie 500XL with a 427 engine

Some very cool Ford 427 and SOHC 427 pictures

SS_66-04     7p
CL_65-04     3p
MT_64-10     2p
HR_65-04    8p

Street &Strip april 66 features the SOHC 427

Car Life april 65 opens up a SOHC 427 engine

Fords's new experimental OHC 427 engine. Motor Trend oct 64

Hot Rod april 65 gets to see Fords amazing new 427 with SOHC

Cobra's in print    

Vintage quotes, articles and test drives
CD_65-11     4p
CL_62-06     1p
HR_62-12     4p
MxIll_65-06    6p
MT_64-02     2p

Car & Driver november 65 takes a spin in a 66 Cobra 427

Car Life june 62 early article about Shelby Cobra project

A new tailormade sports car in Hot Rod december 62, the new Shelby Cobra.

Mechanix Illustrated june 65 uncle Tom runs the Cobra

Motor Trend feb 64, the Cobra Project

MT_65-11     1p
RT_64-06    11p
SaC_65-06     2p
SC_65-11    8p
RT_62-09     4p

Motor Trend nov 65 article, 200 more HPs for the Cobra

Road & Track june 64 Cobra's at Sebing and tests the Cobra

Speed & Custom june 65 article, 427 inches for the Cobra

Sports Car magazine november 66 tests the 427 Cobra

Road & Track sept 1962 gets a good look at the new Cobra

Fords GT40 in action    

Vintage quotes, articles and test drives
CD_65-06     11p
CL_65-07     9p
SC_65-10     4p
SC_65-03     5p
RT_65-05     4p

Car & Driver june 65 GT40 article

Car Life july 1965, GT40 Meanest Car in Town

Sports Car magazine october 65 ask Jerry Titus to track test Fords GT40

Sports Car magazine march 1965, The Ford GT40

Road&Track magazine may 65 GT40 Daytone winner

Mustang Mustang Mustang...    

Vintage quotes, articles and test drives
CD_68-11     4p
CL_62-12     4p
CL_64-05     8p
CL_67-01    6p
HPC_69-02     6p

Car & Driver nov 68 takes a look at the 69 428CJ Mach1 Mustang

Car Life dec 62 takes a peek behind Fords closed doors and finds the Mustang prototype

Car Life may 64 presents the new Mustang

Car Life january 67 tests a 390 big block Mustang

Hi Perf Cars magazine feb 69 tests the 428CJ Mach1 Mustang

HR_62-11     4p
HR_68-03    3p
HR_67-11     3p

Hot Rod magazine takes a look at Fords wildest new creation the new Mustang roadster

Famous article from Hot Rod mag march 68 that makes the Cobra Jet Mustang king of the hill

Hot Rod mag nov 67 finds some wild creations from Tasca Ford including the King of the Road

Some various Mustang related pictures and articles


Vintage quotes, articles and test drives
CD_66-05     4p
CD_67-02     5p
CL_65-04     3p
CL_65-06    6p
CL_68-10     5p

Car & Driver may 66 road tests a 66 Shelby GT-350H Hertz

Car & Driver feb 67 checks out Shelby's new GT500

Car Life april 65 first look at Shelby's GT-350

Car Life mag june 65 is the second road test with the 65 GT-350

Car Life mag oct 68 road tests Shelby's 68


SC_67-03     5p
HR_65-08    4p
MxIll_65-06     3p
SS_68-06    6p
MT_65-05     4p

Sports Car graphics takes a look at both GT350 and GT500 for 67

Hot Rod magazine august 65 takes a close look at what makes a Shelby  65 GT350

Everybody in 65 tried out the 65 Shelby GT350 including Mechanix Illustrated

Speed & Supercar magazine june 68 fires up the new 68 GT500

Motor Trend magazine may 65 road tests the 65 GT350

MT_67-11     2p
RT_68-06    6p
SaC_65-06     4p
CD_65-03     7p

Motor Trend nov 67 gets its first look at the 68 big block Shelby

Road & Track june 68 test drives a 68 Shelby GT350

Speed & Custom magazine june 65 checks out the new Shelby

Some nice Shelby pictures and articles

Sports Car march 65 takes features the 1965 Shebly

RT_65-05     7p

Road & Track march 65 gets its first look at the Shelby GT250


Other great Ford stuff    

Vintage quotes, articles and test drives
HR_70-08      3p
CD_64-09      4p
CL_70-04       5p
CL_69-01      5p
CL_68-07      4p

Hot Rod magazine aug 70 issue takes a look into the 351C engine

Improve your driving skill in a Cobra at Turn-9 hi performance driving training program. Car & Driver september 64

Car Life magazine april 70 tests the Cougar Boss 302 Eliminator

Car Life magazine january 69 gets their hands on a 1969 Torino Cobra 428 CJ

Car Life July 68 'A Shelby GT500 in Europe' article

HR_66-04     5p

Hot Rod magazine april 66 opens un SOHC Eliminator I Comet

Magazine Ads

Ford advertisements

As they appeared in magazines

Ford cars in magazine


Ford parts in


Mustang cars in


Shelby cars in


Ford vintage advertising pictures from a variety of different magazines.


Collection of some nice Ford parts ads found in magazines.


A few different mustang advertisings found in magazines.


Shelby advertised alot and all their ads are wild and red hot. Featuring lots of racing scenes and sexy girls.


More magazine car ads

As they appeared in magazines

GM cars in magazine

advertisings ( page 1 )

GM cars in magazine

advertisings ( page 2 )

Mopar cars in advertisings

Other car in advertisings

GM always looked good in print. Some nice vintage advertising picture from a variety of different magazines.


GM always looked good in print. Some nice vintage advertising picture from a variety of different magazines.


Mopar probably had some of the coolest and most colorful advertisings in the 60's-70's.


Collection of variety of different car manufacturers including AMC and imports.


Various parts advertisements  

As they appeared in magazines

Goodyear Tire


Vintage parts advertisings

( page 1 )

Vintage parts advertisings

( page 2 )


Goodyear made some great magazine advertisings in the 60's and 70's and some are shown here in Hidef


Vintage advertising's of some cool period Hipo and Muscle car parts from several different magazine


Vintage advertising's of some cool period Hipo and Muscle car parts from several different magazine


Other intersesting articles and advertisements from magazines  

As they appeared in magazines


Misc advertisings

Just some nice prints

What were they thinking

Many car magazines feature lots of motorcycles ads


Lots of cool ads from some vintage magazines. Anything from aluminum to Hi Karate colone


Some of what we think are the most beautiful pictures found in magazines


Just when you think you seen

it all ...


Ford Service manuals and guides

Guide d'entretien Ford 1967

Guide D'entretien pour les Ford 1967.

En francais

     28 pages

Enveloppe Garantie Ford

Enveloppe envoyé par Ford Canada en 1967 contenant la plaque de Garantie. Aussi carton de Garantie.

En francais 

67 garantie
    7 pages
Technical Literature

Ford Engine ID

Ford Engine identification

Ford engines 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974

     4 pages

Ford Grill ID 1963-1974

Ford grill identifications

60's ford grills
    25 pages

1973 Holley Catalog

Good period info from Holley. 1973l Holley list number identification.

Partial scan of the catalog

     8 pages

Holley 4000 carburetor service manual

4 barrel carb used on many 50's ford engines. 1955 print

Includes supplement section

Holley 4000 carburetor
     53 pages

Autolite Switches catalog

Part numbers of all Autolite switches for 1961 to 1968 all models application

Holley 4000 carburetor
     96 pages
Other car makes

1971 Dodge model Scat Pack lineup

Features Charger, Challenger, Challenger T/A, Demon

  8 pages

Application legend

     Shelby  Mustang  289 HIPO  428 CJ SCJ  Boss 429  Boss 302  427