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Magazine articles

Car & Driver magazine  

Vintage quotes and articles
CD_64-05     26p
CD_64-09     24p
CD_65-06     24p
CD_65-11    55p
CD_66-01     33p
CD_66-05    36p

Daytona speedweek

64 Barracuda

King Kong 426 Hemi

Cobra Work's

Vintage Lemans pic

Cobra school

Ford GT-40

Cobra 427 vs

427 Vette

66 model year

65 personnalities

Ford 7 litre

Double 500

C&D Readers choice

Shelby GT-350-H


CD_67-02     15p
CD_67-09    36p
MT_68-11     35p

1967 Shelby GT-500

GT500 tire test

Ford beats Ferrari

Copo Street racing

428 Mustang Mach 1

SCCA road racing

Austin Healey 100-4

Motor Trend magazine

Vintage quotes and articles
MT_51-10     27p
MT_52-12     36p
MT_53-06     33p
MT_54-08     36p
MT_55-10     33p
MT_56-01     40p


Vintage racing


Hoover on thieves

Incomp Mercedes

53 Lincoln



Great ads

Gas Turbine

54 road tests

Progress on wheels

56 Lincolns

Modern engine

Buying a 56

56 Ford

Spotlight on Detroit

MT_56-04     34p
MT_56-05     31p
MT_56-06     35p
MT_56-12     42p
MT_57-09     37p
MT_59-08     35p

Dream Cars

Firebird II

DeSoto RT

MT award

Europe Drive

56 Pontiac

V8 vs Turbine

Sebring debut

56 Tbird


Corvette FI @ GM

from England

58 cars


57 Monza

Turbine Cars

Electric Cars


MT_59-10     26p
MT_60-03     34p
MT_60-05     38p
MT_60-06     42p
MT_62-07     34p
MT_62-11     56p

Ford Falcon


Sound waves

Flying Falcon

Plymouth RT

1960 Falcon

Pontiac's power

Plymouth XNR

Freeway patrol

Storming Stockers

Buick Invicta

Healey Sprite

62 Avanti

Hot 409 Chevrolet

Falcon Challengers

MT 1963 Car specs

MT_63-04     55p
MT_63-06    43p
MT_63-08     43p
MT_63-11     68p
MT_64-01     45p
MT_64-02     49p

Riverside 500

F-85 Turbocharging

Galaxie 500 XL

Studebaker G.Hawk

Indy 63

Corvair Spyder

Factory show cars

64 cristal ball

Comet S-22

MT 1964 Cars

Fury road test

64 race drivers prev

Failance sport coupe

64 MT car of th year

64 Galaxie 427

Cobra Project

MT_64-03    42p
MT_64-04    41p
MT_64-06     27p
MT_64-08    45p
MT_64-09    41p
MT_64-10    51p

Olds Vista Wagon

Power pack pick


Cobra Daytona cpe

Riverside 500

Facons in Europe

2 Buick's

Dart & Chevy 2

Comets on Safari

65's are comming

Comet Cyclone

289 Hipo Mustang

The 65's

Stingray Corvette

Olds & El Camino

The new ones

Ford's SOHC engine

24 Lemans

MT_65-01     44p
MT_65-02    52p
MT_65-03     45p
MT_65-04     54p
MT_65-05     43p
MT_65-07     45p


Mustang 289 271


65 Pontiac's

Sunbeam Tiger

65 1/2 Marlin

Hot Heads

Petty's strike

Custom Wheels

Motor Trend 500

Corvette Sting Ray

2 Comets

Buick Skylark


Hauling Ranchero

Mako Shark


MT_65-08     47p
MT_65-09     35p
MT_65-10     39p
MT_65-11    73p
MT_65-12    45p
MT_66-02     41p

66 Bumper crop

Cadillac de Ville

Plymouth 6

Shooting 66's


Tempest OHV 6

Big inch Fairlane

Satellite 426 hemi

66 cars

Pontiac wide track 6

66 buyers guide


4WD recap

Mini Cooper S

66 engines

Chevelle 396 SS

Crank up Hemi's

MT_66-03     38p
MT_66-05     40p
MT_67-01    35p
MT_67-10     53p
MT_67-11     66p
MT_68-01    36p

US race engine

Top 10 racing

427 Corvette

On the line QC

American V8


67 engines

2 Tigers

67 Cougar

68's are here

69 Buyers guide

68 Cobra GT's

68 Trans-Am racing

Testing 6 sport cars

6 cars iso image

MT_68-03     43p

Nurburgring 1956

New Boss 302

5 car stud


Road & Track magazines  

Vintage quotes and articles
RT_61-02      25p
RT_62-09     21p
RT_64-01     11p
RT_64-06     44p
RT_65-05     47p
RT_65-09     28p

London Turin Auto show

Lime Rock little lemans

Test new AC Cobra

Lotus Ford

Porsche GT

Cobra & Sebring

From carts to Cobra

Ford GT

Ford GT-40

Mustang GT-350

Yiger Ralling

24h Le Mans

Pontiac OHC

RT_67-07     39p
RT_67-11     25p
RT_68-06     28p


Bugatti 50T

Cosworth Ford

The Bre Samuri

68 Shelby GT-350

Camao Z28

Mini Mirage GT

Other magazines  

Vintage quotes and articles
TT_64-05      8p
SC_64-02     21p
SC_65-03     36p
SC_65-10     33p
SC_65-11     37p
SC_67-03     15p

The new Mustang

Porsche 904

Ford Four's

4.2 Jaguar

Ford GT40

Shelby GT350

Olds Toronado

Ford GT40

Lime Rock & Bryar

Fab Failane V8

2 427 cobra tests

US Road racing

67 GT350 GT500


SC_68-09     26p
SAC_65-06    24p
SR_68-06     21p
SS_66-04     29p
ML_55-07    32p
ML_57-01     34p

Get in gear

Three maseratis


65 Shelby GT-350

200mph Cammer

427 for the Cobra

Camaro KR ?

Ford 302

68 Shelby GT-500

Olds 442

615hp 427...stock

Mustang facelift

Dateline: Detroit

Ford Mexico

Custom styling

Ford road test

Chevy fuel injection

Mercury Turnpike

ML_57-09     39p
ML_58-07     37p
SA_53-03     46p
HPC_68-01    22p
HPC_69-02    17p
Mx Illustrated  30p

Run on Bonneville

First 58 cars

58 Corvette report

Compare Ford's

Top customs

Tbird road test

52 Records

53 Ford

New for 53

Avanti Super

427 SOHC Cougar

Nascar 69

69 428CJ Mach-1

Riverside Revolt

Cobra 427


Test 3 Tigers

Application legend

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