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Vintage Ford & Mercury Sales Brochures

1970 Buyers Digest

The original book for 1970 Ford car buyers facts

1970 Ford buyers digest
     9 pages

1973 Ford Better Ideas

All models Sales Brochure. Mustang Torino, Maverick, Pinto, Thunderbird

Ford and wagons

1973 Ford  for better ideas
     8 pages

1970 Mustang

Ford Mustang Sales Brochure for 1970. Includes some Mach1 and Boss 302

1970 Ford Mustang sales brochure
     10 pages

1967 Ford

Sales Brochure. Ford Full size line.


1967 Ford sales brochure
     15 pages

1969 BOSS 302

Sales Brochure


Boss 302

Boss 302 sales brochure
     6 pages

1969 BOSS 429

Sales Brochure


Boss 429

Boss 429 sales brochure
     4 pages

1969 Talladega

Sales Brochure

Very rare

1969 Ford Talladega sales brochure
     4 pages

1964 Ford Total Performance

Sales Brochure


1964 Ford Total Perf sales brochure
     12 pages

1964 Mustang

Sales Brochure.

Some great shots


1964 Mustang sales brochure
     14 pages

1968 Shelby

Sales Brochure. Featuring the GT-350 and GT-500

     6 pages

1975 Mercury Montego

Sales Brochure

(in french)

1975 Mercury Montego sales brochure
     8 pages

1969 Shelby

Sales Brochure. Featuring the GT-350 and GT-500

1969 Shelby GT 350 GT 500 sales brochure
     5 pages

1967 Mustang

Sales Brochure. All about the new redesigned 1967 Mustang.


     11 pages

Ford & Mercury Sales Publications

CONTACT Magazine

Vol 4.5 published by Autolite this magazine highlights the amazing Ford's everywhere.

CONTACT Magazine published by Autolite
    16 pages

Mercury Magazine

Promotional tool featuring Mercury's design & development process. Published in May of 1966 by Ford of Canada.

Mercury Magazine 1966
     9 pages

Performance Activities


Ford suggestions for getting dealers involved and get people into the showroom.

PIT KIT from Ford performance
    8 pages

Salesmen's Newsflash

Lincoln Mercury show off the Cougar and Cyclone and compare them to other cars of the period.

Cougar Cyclone performance specifications
     6 pages

Ford Drag Club

Booklet sent to Ford dealers in order to help them capitalize by getting dealers involved in drag racing.

      6 pages

Get a Corner on Performance

Ford teaching dealers to get on board the muscle car craze.

     12 pages


its the going thing

Get into the 60's mind set. Good reading.

Classic Ford and Mustang muscle cars
    69 pages

The Biggest Performance Show On Earth

Brought to you by Ford in 1969

Ford Mustang Shelby car show biggest

     5 pages

Major Ford Race Wins


All about Ford's proven record on the race track.

1968 Ford racing history legends
    29 pages

1969 Mercury Cougar

The winner leads the way

Cougar sales facts and helpful hints. Quiz your Cougar knowledge.

Cougar Leads the way
    16 pages

1969 Lincoln

Lincoln dealer sales documentation featuring the finest ford ever made.

1969 Lincoln
    16 pages

1969 Lincoln Mercury

Leads the way

Linc Merc dealer features and facts booklet.

Cougar Leads the way
    10 pages

1969 Mercury Montego and Cyclone CJ.

The winner pours it on.

Montego sales facts and helpful hints. Featuring the 69 Cyclone 428 Cobra Jet.

Montego the winner
    16 pages

1969 Ford Car Buyers Digest

The original FORD guide for car buyers, Torino Fairlane Falcon Mustang Thunderbird.

1969 Ford car buyers digest
    16 pages

Ford & Mercury Sales Facts books

Lincoln Mercury 1969 Red Letters  

Scanned from Lincoln Mercury salesman's helpful hint binder. Compares Merc's to the competition.
1969 Cougar
part A
1969 Montego Cyclone

Ford 1972 Sales Manual 

From 1972 Ford salesman binder fact book organizer and sales manual
part A
part B
part C
part D
part E
part F
Facts Book
Station Wagons
Ford (A)
Torino (B)
Mustang (C)
Maverick (D)
Pinto (E)
T bird (F)

Ford 1974 Sales Manual 

From 1974 Ford salesman binder fact book and sales manual
Ford facts  ( B )
Torino facts ( C )
Mustang II (D)
Maverick (E)
Thunderbird (G)

Ford 1975 Sales Manual 

From 1975 Ford salesman binder fact book organizer and sales manual
part A
part B
part C
Ford Elite ( A )
Torino ( D )
Pinto (E)
Mustang II (F)
Thunderbird (I)

Ford 1978 Sales Manual 

From 1978 Ford salesman binder fact book organizer and sales manual
part A
Ford facts
Mustang II
Application legend

     Shelby  Mustang  289 HIPO  428 CJ SCJ  Boss 429  Boss 302  427